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Grand Prints offers a wide range of exclusive printing and packaging solutions to its clientele.

Cutting-Edge Met Pet LED Printing Equipments

The ultra-modern CD-102 machine is capable of printing on non-porous substrates like Metalized-Polyester.

Quality Control and Logistics

We use handpicked raw material to deliver finest quality printing and packing solutions to our customers.

Grants Prints offers Finest Met Pet LED Printing Solutions

Printing has become a robust multi-channel marketing tool when blended with technology. We at Grand Prints use metalized-polymer films coated with a thin layer of film. The biggest advantage of Met Pet LED printing is it will not fade over the time. Moreover, it offers unique packaging, 3D effect with embossing, instantaneous drying time with UV light exposure, strong adhesiveness after lamination, superior tensile strength and chemical resistance.

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Applications of Met Pet LED Printing


Met pet LED printing finds its application in packaging of cosmetics items. The life of those cartons/boxes is much longer as compared to offset printing. The coating doesn’t fade over the time and has a high shine finish. Moreover, the cosmetic packaging with vibrant graphics features realistic metallic effects giving an attractive look to the boxes.


As pharmaceutical companies are increasing in numbers, it is generating more business for printing industry. Met pet printing can significantly help the pharma companies to reduce the risk associated with fading of important details from the packaging. The packaging material printed using met pet printing has high shiny finish and the ink doesn’t fade away over the time.


We at Grand Prints provide cost effective solutions to the customers without compromising with the quality of products. We use latest technology to print boxes of different shapes and sizes depending upon your discerning needs. Boxes printed using met pet printing are shiny and has got superior tensile strength and chemical resistance.


Businesses are looking at value-added propositions to their customer communication and when blended with digital technology, printing becomes a robust multi-channel marketing and communication tool. Liquor industry can leverage Grand Prints’ met pet printing solutions and use the shiny boxes to pack the liquor bottles. Even the stickers on the liquor bottles can be printed using met pet technology to give a royal look to the bottles.


The perfume bottles need to be attractive. It is the packaging that attracts the customer first before he/she can actually smell the fragrance. The perfume boxes can be tailored using Met Pet technology to give an attractive look. The box surface will have high shine finish and longer shelf life. Moreover, the packaging will have strong adhesiveness after lamination.

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Met Pet LED Printing Process

Printing on non-porous/non-absorptive surfaces such as metalized polyester using letterpress or offset requires knowledge and preparation. It is important to carry out the process after proper planning and inventory. Grand Prints prints your articulations exactly the way you want. It requires a perfect balance of our skills and your requirements. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver impeccable services to our customers. Here is the process we follow to print and deliver finest met pet printing and packaging solutions:

Proper Press Setup

We tune our printing press finely when printing metalized polyester material to deliver the best quality finishing. Rollers are set and striped properly and are also checked for correct durometer. Rollers and ink fountains are free from contamination, and the fountain solution is adjusted to the right pH level.

Proper Ink Formulation

We use properly formulated inks to resolve the problems that are encountered on non-absorptive surfaces. The letterpress and offset inks are specially formulated for this purpose.

Fountain Solution Mix

We optimize our fountain solution mix to deliver maximum printing performance. When printing on metalized polyester film, it is necessary to that the ink used in clean and adjusted to proper pH levels and conductivity.

To ensure printing is carried out properly on non-absorptive surface without having an effect on printing variables (ink lay, dry time, color density, adhesion, and ink film integrity), we use the finest quality fountain mix ink solution.

Ink Film Thickness

Ink Film Thickness is one of the major factors that affect printing on plastic and metalized polyester. Different processes involve different level of thickness – Sheet Fed Offset (5 Microns), Web Offset (7.5 Microns), Web Letter Press (10 Microns), Gravure (30 Microns), and Screen (25-125 Microns). The ink thickness depends on met pet lamination layer.

Preparing the Pressroom

After we have evaluated various components, all of them are put together in a pressroom. The relative humidity level should be maintained in the press room (it should be above 35%, preferably 50%).


Grand Prints excel in offering met pet packaging solutions too. We manufacture met pet cartons with metalized film packaging to deliver supreme packaging solutions to our clientele.

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